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Saul Surrey, PhD

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Mechanisms of Endothelial Cell Attachment, Proliferation, and Differentiation on 4 Types of Platinum-Based Endovascular Coils
  2. Identification of a developmental gene expression signature, including hox genes, for the normal human colonic crypt stem cell niche: Overexpression of the signature parallels stem cell overpopulation during colon tumorigenesis
  3. Use of linkage analysis, genome-wide association studies, and next-generation sequencing in the identification of disease-causing mutations
  4. Whole-exome sequencing of DNA from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and EBV-transformed lymphocytes from the same donor
  5. High-resolution SNP arrays in mental retardation diagnostics: How much do we gain
  6. Relationship between β4 hydrogen bond and β6 hydrophobic interactions during aggregate, fiber or crystal formation in oversaturated solutions of hemoglobin A and S
  7. Genotyping β-globin gene mutations on copolymer-coated glass slides with the ligation detection reaction
  8. Heterozygous disruption of Flk-1 receptor leads to myocardial ischaemia reperfusion injury in mi Application of affymetrix gene chip analysis
  9. Identification of FVIII gene mutations in patients with hemophilia A using new combinatorial sequencing by hybridization
  10. Role of the β4Thr-β73Asp hydrogen bond in HbS polymer and domain formation from multinucleate-containing clusters
  11. Digital mRNA profiling
  12. Assembly of recently translated full-length and C-terminal truncated human γ-globin chains with a pool of α-globin chains to form Hb F in a cell-free system
  13. Applications of nanoparticles to diagnostics and therapeutics in colorectal cancer
  14. Transcriptional regulatory network analysis of developing human erythroid progenitors reveals patterns of coregulation and potential transcriptional regulators
  15. Opportunities for near-infrared thermal ablation of colorectal metastases by guanylyl cyclase C-targeted gold nanoshells
  16. The Hb A Variant (β73 Asp→Leu) Disrupts Hb S Polymerization by a Novel Mechanism
  17. Inhibition of hemoglobin S polymerization in vitro by a novel 15-mer EF-helix β73 histidine-containing peptide
  18. Combinatorial sequencing-by-hybridization: Analysis of the NF1 gene
  19. Region-specific detection of neuroblastoma loss of heterozygosity at multiple loci simultaneously using a SNP-based tag-array platform
  20. Fibrinogen Philadelphia, a hypodysfibrinogenemia characterized by abnormal polymerization and fibrinogen hypercatabolism due to γ S378P mutation