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Dale D. Berg, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. The Development of a Validated Checklist for Radial Arterial Line Placement: Preliminary Results
  2. Patient perceptions of bedside teaching rounds
  3. The Development of Validated Checklist for Foley Catheterization: Preliminary Results
  4. The Development of a Validated Checklist for Nasogastric Tube Insertion: Preliminary Results
  5. Disaster Preparedness: What Training Do Our Interns Receive During Medical School?
  6. The Development of a Validated Checklist for Adult Lumbar Puncture: Preliminary Results
  7. The Development of a Validated Checklist for Thoracentesis: Preliminary Results
  8. The Development of a Validated Checklist for Paracentesis: Preliminary Results
  9. Are medical students being taught invasive skills using simulation?
  10. Development and evaluation of a program to strengthen first year residents' proficiency in leading end-of-life discussions
  11. Medical students′ self-reported empathy and simulated patients′ assessments of student empathy: An analysis by gender and ethnicity
  12. Evaluation of the use of patient-focused simulation for student assessment in a surgery clerkship
  13. A comparison of medical students' self-reported empathy with simulated patien 047A ts' assessments of the students' empathy
  14. The relationship between performance on a medical school's clinical skills assessment and USMLE Step 2 CS.
  15. Evaluation of the congruence between students' postencounter notes and standardized patients' checklists in a clinical skills examination