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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University
  2. Cross-sectional assessment of medical and nursing students' attitudes toward chronic illness at matriculation and graduation.
  3. Evaluation of the congruence between students' postencounter notes and standardized patients' checklists in a clinical skills examination
  4. The authors reply [18]
  5. Disciplinary action by medical boards and prior behavior in medical school
  6. Educational epidemiology [1] (multiple letters)
  7. An empirical study of decline in empathy in medical school
  8. Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University.
  9. Evaluations of medical students' clinical experiences in a family medicine clerkship: Differences in patient encounters by disease severity in different clerkship sites
  10. Correlates of young physicians' support for unionization to maintain professional influence
  11. Documenting and comparing medical students' clinical experiences
  12. Attitudes toward physician-nurse collaboration: A cross-cultural study of male and female physicians and nurses in the United States and Mexico
  13. Physicians' perceptions of the changing health care system: Comparisons by gender and specialties
  14. Choice of first-year residency position and long-term generalist career choices [4]
  15. Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University.
  16. Gender comparisons of income expectations in the USA at the beginning of medical school during the past 28 years
  17. Validity of faculty ratings of students' clinical 0608 competence in core clerkships in relation to scores on licensing examinations and supervisors' ratings in residency
  18. Who is a generalist? An analysis of whether physicians trained as generalists practice as generalists
  19. A brief instrument to measure attitudes of medical students toward changes in the health care system
  20. A statewide system to track medical students' careers: The Pennsylvania model