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George C. Francos, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Peritransplant kidney biopsies: Comparison of pathologic interpretations and practice patterns of organ procurement organizations
  2. A pitfall in the current kidney allocation process using calculated PRA(CPRA) in patients undergoing desensitization
  3. Acute humoral rejection in a zero mismatch deceased donor renal transplant due to an antibody to an HLA-DP α
  4. The Presence of B-Cell Nodules Does Not Necessarily Portend a Less Favorable Outcome to Therapy in Patients With Acute Cellular Rejection of a Renal Allograft
  5. Metoprolol succinate, a selective beta-adrenergic blocker, has no effect on insulin sensitivity.
  6. Tacrolimus as secondary intervention vs. cyclosporine continuation in patients at risk for chronic renal allograft failure
  7. Patterns of volunteerism, testing, and exclusion among potential living kidney donors
  8. Successful living donor renal transplantation despite ABO incompatibility and a positive crossmatch
  9. Hypertension: Contemporary challenges in geriatric care
  10. Body condition scores in Israeli-Holstein cows to quantify interactions between nutrition and genotype | Körperkondition bei Israeli-Holstein kühen zur erfassung der interaktion zwischen ernährung und genotyp
  11. Reproductive performance and milk production of Israeli-Holstein cows fed different levels of supplement during the dry period | Reproduktions- und Milchleistung bei Israeli-Holstein Kühen mit unterschiedlicher Fütterung in der Trockenzeit
  12. Mycophenolate mofetil and reduction in cyclosporine dosage for chronic renal allograft dysfunction
  13. Association between milk progesterone concentration after first insemination and conception in dairy cattle in Israel
  14. Methotrexate is effective in preventing acute and potentially chronic renal allograft rejection
  15. A retrospective analysis of the effect of indomethacin on adverse reactions to orthoclone OKT3 in the therapy of acute renal allograft rejection
  16. Ranitidine-induced acute interstitial nephritis with epithelial cell foot process fusion
  17. Epidemiological study on factors influencing fertility indices in Israeli dairy herds
  18. Genetic analysis of reproductive disorders in Israeli Holstein dairy cows
  19. Evidence against chronic progressive cyclosporine nephrotoxicity
  20. Elevated plasma histamine in chronic uremia: Effects of ketotifen on pruritus