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For Medical Providers

Who Are We?

Pulmonary Medicine:
Boyd Hehn, MD
Mani Kavuru, MD
Michael Unger, MD

Thoracic Surgery:
Nate Evans, MD
Scott Cowan, MD

Medical Oncology:
Rita Axelrod, MD
Barbara Campling, MD

Radiation Oncology:
Maria Werner-Wasik, MD
Bo Lu, MD

How to refer a patient to Jefferson?

Call 1 800-JEFFNOW and ask the operator to schedule a new patient visit with one of the physicians listed above or our nurse navigator for an “initial pulmonary or lung cancer evaluation”.  Based on previous history and records, we will further facilitate the most expeditious care at Jefferson and help navigate your patient’s medical needs with the minimum delay and minimize need for repeat testing.

What to expect from your referral?

Upon completion of our evaluation, our physicians will provide a written report to the referring physician outlining the diagnosis and suggested treatment plan.   Subsequent management will be arranged between the physicians and patient.

May I retain management of my patient after referral to Jefferson?

Yes.  We encourage the patients to continue to see their referring physician regularly and obtain testing locally, though we also like to see the patients intermittently to maintain continuity should the patient’s condition change over time.