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Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center

The Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center is a state-of-the-art sleep center with 10 fully equipped beds that is co-located in the outpatient building with the pulmonary physician academic offices as well as other pulmonary clinics. The center provides comprehensive care in all aspects of sleep medicine to residents in the Delaware Valley and beyond. Established in 1978, the Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center was the first such program in the Philadelphia area and is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The sleep center evaluates over 1500 patients per year and performs over 2,000 studies.  

The Jefferson Sleep Center is a multidisciplinary center with specialists from the Pulmonary Division, Psychiatry, Neurology and ENT who work closely together to provide comprehensive sleep services. Jefferson has an active bariatric program that supports the sleep program.


Sleep disordered breathing especially obstructive sleep apnea is rapidly being recognized as a leading health problem in this country. In addition, pulmonary diseases such as COPD, bronchial asthma and neuromuscular diseases involving the chest wall can develop worsening of underlying disease during sleep. Increasingly recognized is the additive effects of sleep disordered breathing on other cardiopulmonary comorbidities. Patients with congestive heart failure can have coexisting sleep apnea which can worsen gas exchange.

The Pulmonary division is staffed by specialists with training and certification in both sleep medicine and pulmonary medicine. Having pulmonary specialists who have a strong interest in sleep medicine ensures that all our pulmonary specialists and pulmonary fellows develop a unique understanding of sleep issues in patients with chronic lung disease. The pulmonary division also works closely with other sleep specialists at the sleep center to provide comprehensive sleep services.

In addition, sleep issues in women are being recognized as a significant health problem partly related to the fluctuations in female sex hormones that occur during a woman’s life span. In addition women play a complex role in our society taking care of their families and going out to work that can come at the expense of a good nights sleep.

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