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CCM Grand Rounds

Feb 2014

Title Speaker
Critical Care Jeopardy Brian Jaffe, MD
Journal CC Daron Kahn, MD
Fever in the ICU David Oxman, MD
Pulmonary Hypertension Richard Berman, MD


Jan 2014

Title Speaker
Renal Hemodialysis Won Han, MD
Surgery/Trauma Susan Clarke, DO


Dec 2013

Title Speaker
Case Conference Naveed Hasan, MD
Pulm/Rheumatology Conference Ross Summer, MD
Journal Club Ankit Gupta, MD


Nov 2013

Title Speaker
Case Conference Roselle Almeida, MD
Journal Club Geoffrey Koff, MD
Didactic:  Neurocritical Care Part II Mohamed Athar, MD

Oct 2013

Title Speaker
Grand Rounds Victor Kim, MD
Case Conference:  Constrictive Pericarditis Anish Koka, MD
Hyperoxia in the Critically Ill Patient Fred Rincon, MD
Surgery/JC - Mechanical Ventilation with Low Tital Volumes in the OR  


June 2013

Title Speaker
Proning in ARDS Sandra Weibel, MD & Naveed Hasan, MD
MRSA Decolonization Bharat Awsare, MD & Naveed Hasan, MD
Surgery/Trauma Matthew Rosen, MD

May 2013

Title Date
Palliataive Care Confernce May 10th, 2013
ATS Conference May 17th, 2013
Rheumatology/Pulmonary Conference May 24th, 2013
Critical Care Cost and Quality May 31st, 2013


April 2013

Title Speaker
Echo in the ICU Shruti Patel, MD
  Bharat Awsare, MD and Vanjul Agarwal, MD
ATS Poster Review JPA Fellows
FluidResuscitation in the ICU George Koenig, MD
Use of Macrolides in Sepsis William Sexauer, MD and David Manoff, MD

March 2013

Title Speaker
Critical Care Jeopardy: Know Your ICU Urvashi Vaid, MD and Roselle Almeida, MD
BNP Driven Weaning William Sexauer, MD and Naveed Hasan, MD
Tracheostomies: the basics Maurits Boon, MD
Lung Cancer Symposium Drs. Kavuru, Kumar and Hehn
Few Strategies in the Treatment of Sub-massive Pulmonary Eemboli Jay Jenoff, MD and Ryan Reber, DO

February 2013

Title Speaker
Association Between a Chloride-Liberal
vs Chloride-Restrictive Intravenous...
David Oxman, MD and Ricardo Restrepo, MD
SCCM Update Michael Baram, MD
Palliative Care in the ICU Michael Weinstein, MD

January 2013

Title Speaker
Transfusion Strategies for Acute Upper Gastrointestinal
Urvashi Vaid,, MD and Vanjul Agarwal, MD
Surgery/Trauma Conference Ehyal Shweiki, MD
Management of Pulmonary Hypertension in the ICU Michael Scharf, MD and Vanjul Agarwal, MD