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Alumni of our Fellowship

Name   Current Position
Andrew J. Uri, MD 1985-87 Private Practice, Portland, OR
Phong Nguyen, MD 1986-88 Private Practice, Washington, DC
Eric B. Yoss, MD 1986-88 Private Practice, Utica, NY
Ronald Barnett, MD 1987-90 Private Practice, Norristown, PA
Richard Shusterman, MD 1987-90 Private Practice, Yardley, PA
Richard Dupuis, MD 1988-91 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Peter J. Sloane, MD 1988-91 Private Practice, Baltimore, MD
Melissa B. King, MD 1989-90

Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota

Donald Collins, MD 1989-92 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Young Y. Koh, MD, Ph.D.
(Research Fellow)

Full-time Faculty, Associate Professor
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Sandra B. Weibel, MD 1990-92

Full-time Faculty, Assistant professor of Medicine
TJUH, Philadelphia, PA

Chang-Johng Kim, Ph.D.
(Research Fellow)


Full-time Faculty, Professor of Pharmacy and Dean
College of Pharmacy
Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Raymond Attolino, DO 1990-93 Private Practice, Bryn Mawr, PA
Linda Earle, MD 1990-93

Part-time Faculty with TJUH
Philadelphia, PA

Gregory C. Kane, MD 1990-93 Full-time Faculty, Professor of Medicine
TJUH, Philadelphia, PA
Rosemary Cirelli, MD 1991-94 Private Practice, Tavares, FL
James G. Zangrilli, MD 1991-94 Part-time Faculty with TJUH
Philadelphia, PA
James O'Connor, MD 1992-95 Private Practice, SomersPoint, NJ
Joseph R. Shaver, MD 1992-95 Private Practice, Augusta, GA
Michael Tolino, MD 1992-95 Private Practice, Flemington, NJ
Barbara Leighton, MD 1993-96 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Jamie Lieberman, MD 1993-96 Private Practice, Jacksonville, FL
Frank Leone, MD 1994-97 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Presbyterian/PENN, Philadelphia, PA
Joseph Rowane, DO 1994-97 Private Practice, Erie, PA
Ajay Shetty, MD 1995-98 Private Practice, Scranton, PA
Jane Wu, MD 1995-98 Private Practice, Baltimore, MD
Todd Lustine, MD 1996-99 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Rupert Ng, MD 1996-99 Deceased
Carla Nordstrom, MD 1996-99 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Annette Colavita, MD 1997-00 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Alan Reinach, MD 1997-00 Private Practice, Philadelphia, PA
Kayal Sambandam, MD 1997-00 Hospital Physician, Anaheim, CA
Ali Musani, MD 1998-01

Full-time, Assistant Professor
National Jewish Health Center, Denver CO

Bharat Awsare, MD 1999-02

Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
TJUH, Philadelphia, PA

Vikas Batra, MD 1999-02 Private Practice, Lewes, DE
Sultan Niazi, MD 1999-02 Private Practice, Evansville, IN
Rodolfo Pascual, MD 1999-02 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Wake Forest Univ, Winston Salem, NC
Ashish Agrawal, MD 2000-03 Private Practice, San Diego, CA
Sandhya Khurana, MD 2000-03 Private Practice, Syracuse, NY
Chin Wei-Huang, MD 2000-03 Private Practice, Salem, MA
Rohit Ahuja, MD 2001-04 Private Practice, Lynn, MA
Elisabeth Dial Carr, MD 2001-04 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Salt Lake City Medical Center, SLC, Utah
Michael Simons, MD 2001-04 Administration, Phoenix, AZ
Ashwin Mani, MD 2002-05 Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Allyson Mirabella 2002-05 Private Practice, Upper Marlboro, MD
Asem Abdeljalil, MD 2003-06 Private Practice, Indianapolis, IN
Francisco Almeida, MD 2003-06

Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Cleveland Clinic, Clevelend, OH

Tuhina Raman, MD 2004-07 Private Practice, Christiana, DE
Daniel Salerno, MD 2004-07 Private Practice, Christiana, DE
Bobbak Vahid, MD 2004-07 Private Practice, Dublin, CA
Sajive Aleyas, MD 2005-08 Private Practice, SUNY
Stoney Brook, NY
Timothy Lin, MD 2005-08 Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Neil Mushlin, DO 2005-08 Private Practice, Phoenixville, PA
Salam Salman,MD 2007-08 Private Practice, Rochester, MN
Enrique Machare, MD 2006-09 Private Practice, Plymouth, WI
Abhilash Nair, MD 2006-09 Private Practice, Tuscan, AZ
Catherine Riley, MD 2006-09 Private Practice, West Chester, PA
Rodrigo Cavallazzi, MD 2007-10 Full-time Faculty, Assistant Professor
Univ of Kentucky, Louisville, KY
Amyn Hirani, MD 2007-10 Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Monvasi Pachinburavan, MD 2007-10 Transplant Fellow, Stanford, CA
Tajender Vasu, MD 2007-10 Private Practice, SUNY
Stoney Brook, NY
Chistopher Gilbert, DO 2008-11 Interventional Bronchoscopy Fellowships, Johns Hopkins
Baltimore, MD
VInia Mendoza, MD 2008-11 Private Practice, Maine
Jacqueline Sutter, DO 2008-11 Private Practice, Phiadelphia, PA
Urvashi Vaid, MD 2008-11 Full-time Faculty, Instructor
TJUH, Philadelphia, PA
Andrea Adams, MD 2009-12 Galloway, NJ
Sidharth Bagga, MD 2009-12 San Diego, CA
Misha Peter, MD 2009-12 Sleep Fellowship - Emory University - Atlanta, GA
Kumar Vipul, MD 2009-12 Sleep Fellowship - Temple University - Philadelphia, PA
Mani Kavuru, MD

Mani Kavuru, MD
Division Director,
Pulmonary &
Critical Care Medicine

Michael Baram, MD

Michael Baram, MD
Program Director,
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

834 Walnut Street, #650 Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 955-5161

We participate in the National Residency Match Program and utilize the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

Fellowship Programs Contact:

Connie Pedicone,
Fellowship Coordinator

834 Walnut Street
Suite 650
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 955-6591

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