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Research Overview

The tripartite mission of the division includes excellence in clinical care of our patients, training for our housestaff and fellows, and scholarship.  This web page will provide an overview of our emerging research programs.  The research arm of the division of pulmonary & critical care division is the Jefferson Jane and Leonard Korman Lung Center.  This virtual center was established in 2013 by a generous gift from the Korman Family Foundation.  A major goal of the new Lung Center is to advance our understanding of lung disease and translate these findings into improved patient care.  The focus includes lung cancer as well as benign diseases, such as asthma, sarcoidosis, and pulmonary fibrosis, with special emphasis on lung biology. Several key entities will interact closely and collaboratively to advance our understanding of lung disease and provide a platform for education of our trainees and improve patient care:

 Scholarship and research come in multiple flavors from sponsored clinical trials (typically multicenter pharma trials with strict study design with random allocation); quality assurance initiatives geared to monitoring, education, and improving compliance of accepted practice; investigator-initiated data collection of a particular disease cohort or intervention; establishment of registries for data or biobanks for future studies; correlative or translational studies involving human specimens to gain proof-of-concept insights into disease mechanisms; and formal controlled laboratory models with experimental design involving mouse models, in-vitro studies, etc.
All of these activities are currently occurring in the Pulmonary & Critical Care division at Thomas Jefferson University / Hospital.  Clinicians, clinical scientists, and laboratory scientists are equally engaged and valued. This represents an outstanding environment for growth of a fellow-in-training or academic faculty.  Please review the tabs to the left for additional information on our research programs.