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Grand Rounds


Fall Grand Rounds 2013 PDF

Intern Morning Report: This weekly conference is a case conference held exclusively for Interns. Here, the Chairman, Program Directors and Chief Residents lead discussions geared to reviewing pathophysiology, the fundamentals of physical diagnosis and the early skills of clinical decision making.

Intern Lecture Series: This weekly conference is an innovative series designed to review the fundamentals of clinical medicine. The topics covered provide interns with a hands on approach to the tests and procedures they will come in contact with during the year. Among the topics covered are: EKGs, CXR interpretation, Acid-Base disorders, ventilator management, Antibiotic Selection, Central Line Insertion, Preoperative Evaluation.

Resident Morning Report: This daily conference is a case conference held for all junior and senior residents. Here, the Program Directors, Faculty and Chief Residents lead discussions focusing on advanced patient evaluation skills and advanced clinical reasoning skills. The presentations are scheduled to include cases from the inpatient wards, the intensive care units and the ambulatory setting on a rotating basis.

Noon Conference Series: This daily conference is developed as a programmed yearly curriculum, focusing on the core concepts that have been selected by our faculty curriculum committee as the critical components of the discipline of Internal Medicine.

Journal Club: This weekly conference is developed around a curriculum that emphasizes the skills necessary to analyze and implement information conveyed in the medical journals. Each week one biostatistical tool is selected and reviewed by way of a short discussion and the analysis of two journal articles in which it is employed. Faculty members with special expertise in Evidence Based Medicine assist the residents in leading the critique of the articles.

Near Miss/Morbidity and Mortality: This monthly conference focuses on actual patient cases that illustrate factors that contribute to failures in therapy and emphasizes continual quality improvement within the resident service at Jefferson.

Clinical-Pathological Conference: This biannual conference is a special conference that was created to allow a select group of senior residents who have distinguished themselves in their clinical performance to discuss an unknown case. Here the resident acts as the case "discussant" to review the case and present a differential diagnosis and discussion of the case.