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Intern Curriculum

The intern year is divided into 13 blocks. One block each is devoted to the coronary care unit and the medical respiratory intensive care unit where call is q3 and q4 respectively.

There are 4.5 call free blocks. These include one block in the emergency room, one elective block of the interns choosing, one 2-week vacation block, and two ambulatory blocks. One of the ambulatory blocks provides the interns with exposure to various outpatient practices, including ophthalmology, orthopedics, oncology, endocrinology, and nephrology during rotating clinics. The second ambulatory block is a general medicine preceptorship where the intern is with a designated community practitioner for the month.

The remaining blocks are devoted to medical inpatient services at Jefferson or the affiliated hospitals. Call on these services is every fourth night. The interns on call are responsible for the work up of new admissions until 7:00 PM.  After this time, interns are dismissed.  An upper level resident covers the admissions and an additional night float resident covers the remainder of the medical services addressing problems and emergencies.