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Jefferson accepts all applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Applications submitted in any other form will not be reviewed.

We expect to offer 39 Categorical and 9 Preliminary positions for the year ahead.

The internal medicine residency utilizes numerous clinical settings throughout the Jefferson Health System in order to give our house-staff the most diverse educational experience. House officers will spend time in the following sites: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Methodist Hospital; the Veterans Administration Hospital in Wilmington, DE; Jefferson Hospital Ambulatory Practice; various Jefferson University affiliated subspecialty practices and local community internal medicine practices.

Details of the call schedule are found on the web site. Briefly, for interns call on regular floor rotations and the medical respiratory care unit is every fourth night, and call on the cardiac critical care unit is every third night and does not include overnights.  Call for upper year residents is Q2.

Since July 2003, TJUH has been compliant. Changes to the existing program to ensure compliance include among others: interns leaving by noon post call; no resident overnight call during the week; no post call outpatient clinic; upper level intensive care unit floats.

  • Computer Systems: Residents have access to computer systems throughout the university and hospital. This includes access to Medline, MD Consult, Online Harrison, Micromedex, and email/on-campus internet access. Regarding patient care, all labs and discharge summaries are on line as well as the non-telemetry floors' order entry.
  • Call rooms: Interns will have access to private call rooms while taking overnight call on inpatient rotations. Residents, if they wish to stay in house, will also have access to private call rooms after being relieved of duty at 10:00 pm on call nights.
  • Parking/Transportation: Jefferson has numerous discounted or free parking opportunities surrounding all affiliated hospitals. Subway/bus tokens and regional rail passes are discounted as well for the residents taking advantage of public transportation. The university offers a "pre-tax" payroll deduction for all transportation expenses.
  • Tickets: The residency program also offers complimentary tickets to local sporting events. In the past these have included the Flyers, the 76ers, the Eagles, and the Phillies. Tickets are dispersed among the residents via a lottery system.
  • Facilties: As university employees, Jefferson residents have access to the university facilities (for a fee) such as daycare, gymnasium and pool facilities and discounts to local entertainment.
  • Lab Coats: All interns and second year residents receive three complimentary embroidered white lab coats. Laundry service is available at the hospital for a nominal fee.

Opportunities are available at Methodist Hospital for residents in their second and third years.

Jefferson is a very competitive residency program. Although scores on USMLE examinations are an important factor in our selection process, there are no official score requirements for applying to the program. We prefer to evaluate each applicant on his or her own individual merits.

As stated earlier, Jefferson has a very competitive application process. However, graduates from any medical school are invited to submit applications, and will be subject to our usual application procedures. Recent clinical experience is highly encouraged. Jefferson sponsors both H-1 and J-1 visas.

A graduation date within the last 5 years is highly preferred, but not mandatory.