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Scholarly Activities/Publications


All residents are expected to complete a scholarly project during their three years of training. This requirement can be met through a number of activities and does not require the resident to perform basic or clinical research.

Options for the scholarly project include:

  • Presenting one of our resident clinico-pathological conferences.
  • Presenting Morbidity & Mortality Conference.
  • Submitting a case report for a regional meeting or for publication (acceptance is not required).
  • Completing a basic or clinical research project with one of our nationally renowned faculty and providing a report of the results.
  • Completing a literature Review of an important topic.
  • Submitting an essay on a psychosocial aspect of Medicine including physician-patient communications, ethics, managed care, care of the dying, or professionalism.

The Jefferson Medicine Forum

The Journal of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
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Resident Papers

C. Dana Critchell, MD

Constance W. Hwang, MD

George Kargul, MD

Adam Kaufman, MD

Christina Mitchell, MD

Brendon Nolt, MD

Saum Shamimi-Noori, MD

Heath Saltzman, MD