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Research at the Center

From Research to the Power to Cure

The Center for Translational Medicine at Jefferson is primarily focused on bridging cutting-edge basic research with clinical medicine in order to more efficiently translate new discoveries at the bench to the realization of improved patient care.

Our Center, which is at the forefront of academic medicine, creates a new culture of collaboration and cooperation, merging a world-class team of basic science investigators with Jefferson’s renowned physicians and clinical investigators.



The research activities of the Center for Translational Medicine are broad and multi-focal. As the number-one killer of both men and women in the U.S., our Center has particular interest and expertise in the area of cardiovascular, blood and pulmonary diseases.

Center laboratories study the regulation and signaling of many molecules vital in the progression in heart muscle diseases utilizing novel genetically engineered mouse models or viral-mediated myocardial gene delivery. Targets include Cellular Receptors, Kinases and Cell Adhesion Proteins (Most, Radice and Chan).

We also study cellular and molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular development in vertebrates (Astrof).

Diseases in the vasculature (Peppel and Sun), Platelets and mitochondrial calcium and reactive oxygen species signaling in human diseases (Sheu).

Finally, our center also leading research in Viral Vector development and Small Animal Surgery.