November 15, 2016

Bernhard Dietzschold, DVM becomes Professor Emeritus in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology.

Dr. Bernhard Dietzschold was appointed Professor Emeritus in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology effective July 02, 2013, after service as Professor in the Department for 22 years. 

Dr. Dietzschold is a world leader in rabies virology. He has made a variety of seminal discoveries in the areas of rabies virus pathogenesis and immunity.  Several of these stand out in providing the foundation for the development of new rabies vaccines and therapeutics.

Dr. Dietzschold research has lead to over 150 peer-reviewed publications and numerous other professional and scientific contributions.  Dr. Dietzschold is the Director of the WHO reference Center for Neurovirology of the Jefferson Center for Neurovirology, a position in which he will continue.  He is also a member of the WHO expert Committee on Rabies. 

Dr. Dietzschold can be reached at