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Educational Seminars & Annual Meeting


Speaker Month Date Topic
Phyllis Flomenberg, MD, TJU, Jefferson Medical College February 2/9/08 "Human T cell responses to vaccinia vaccine."
Takami Sato, MD, TJU, Jefferson Medical College March 3/11/08 "Immunoembolization of Hepatic Metastatis-InSitu Cancer Vaccine for Metastaic Uval Melanoma"
Bernhard Dietzschold, DVM, TJU, Jefferson Medical College April 4/15/08 "Strategies to develop safe and efficacious live recombinant rabies vaccines"
David Cooper, PhD Wyeth Vaccine Research, NY May 5/9/08 "Development of vaccine vectors based on vesicular stomatitis virus"
Ana Fernandez-Sesma, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York September 9/26/08 "Initiation of antiviral immunity by human dendritic cells
Vitali Alexeev, PhD, TJU, Jefferson Medical College October 10/24/08 "Chemokine-mediated tumor immuno-targeting"
Kishore Alugupalli, PhD, TJU, Jefferson Medical College November 11/19/08 "That's why children do not respond to polysaccharide vaccines"
David B. Weiner, Ph.D, University of Pennsylvania January 1/23/09 "STEPing up after STEP: a second look at DNA vaccine technology"
Marcia A. Blackman, PhD, Trudeau Institute September 9/18/09 "The impact of aging on T cell repertoire and immunity to influenza virus: lessons from the mouse"

PhD Thesis - Work in Progress

Date Student Topic
2/21/08 Celestine Wanjalla Dendritic Cell-based HIV Vaccines
10/15/08 Sanda Chhann Mechanisms of CD8+ T cell Protective Immunity
12/17/08 Gregory Dickinson Intracellular Pattern-Recognition Receptors in Septic Shock: a Fresh New Perspective
2/18/09 Sandra Bonne-Annee The Role of Macrophages in the Fight Against Extracellular Parasites
3/18/09 Emily Sheston Examining the Immunogenicity of a Single-cycle Rabies Virus Vector
4/15/09 Nicholas A. Siciliano The Impact of ER Stress on Cellular Immunity

Vaccine Center Third Annual Meeting

The Jefferson Vaccine Center's Annual Meeting will be announced in January 2010.

Jefferson Vaccine Center Annual Meeting Itinerary

Click here to download the 2009 Jefferson Vaccine Center Annual Meeting Itinerary (Adobe PDF).

In the News

New Funding for JVC Members

Dr. McGettigan, was awarded a four-year $1.5 million R01 grant from the NIH to extend his exciting work on the development of a novel, safe, and effective rabies virus vaccine.

A Team of Researchers from Fox Chase, Jefferson and Penn State Receive NIAID Grant for Viral Control. Both Dr. Luis Sigal and Dr. Eisenlohr are members of the JVC. The team to receive a total of approximately $2 million each year for the next five years. For more information ...

Dr. David Abraham received a five year R01 grant to study the development of a recombinant vaccine against human onchocerciasis.

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