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Mary Lou Manning, RN, PhD, CRNP

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

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  5. Using accreditation standards as a framework to evaluate and improve a community-based diabetes self-management education program
  6. The urgent need for nurse practitioners to lead antimicrobial stewardship in ambulatory health care
  7. Skin and soft tissue infection management, outcomes, and follow-up in the emergency department of an urban academic hospital
  8. IPads, droids, and bugs: Infection prevention for mobile handheld devices at the point of care
  9. Journal Club: Twitter as a source of vaccination information: Content drivers and what they're saying
  10. Provider use of corrected age during health supervision visits for premature infants
  11. Infection preventionists' job descriptions: Do they reflect expanded roles and responsibilities?
  12. Journal Club: A venue to advance evidence-based infection prevention practice
  13. Multimethod teaching strategies to integrate selected QSEN competencies in a Doctor of Nursing Practice distance education program
  14. Doctor of nursing practice students advocating for health care access, quality, and reform: From the virtual classroom to Capitol Hill
  15. Simple physical interventions such as handwashing and wearing masks can reduce spread of epidemic respiratory viruses
  16. Expanding infection preventionists' influence in the 21st Century: Looking back to move forward
  17. Clinical management of skin and soft tissue infections in the emergency department of a suburban hospital
  18. The Immunization Status of Home-schooled Children in America
  19. Improving clinical communication through structured conversation
  20. An outbreak of Serratia marcescens bacteremia after general anesthesia