Matthias Schnell, PhD

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1020 Locust Street
Room 309
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 503-4634

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Medical School

BS, MS, PhD, University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim & Federal Research Center for Virus Diseases of Animals; Tuebingen, Germany - 1994

University Appointment

Microbiology and Immunology
Thomas Jefferson University

Research and Clinical Interests

Our laboratory develops Rhabdovirus-based vectors as vaccines against other infectious diseases. We are particularly interested in using molecular adjuvants and other molecules to enhance antigen-specific immunity and manipulate and retarget immune cells.

Using different molecular approaches, we perform detailed studies of highly attenuated RVs expressing HIV-1 or SIV genes and analyze their immunogenicity in mice. Novel approaches are the detailed studies of replication-deficient RV vectors.

Our most promising HIV vaccine candidates are currently being analyzed in a monkey model for AIDS.

Other approaches include using genetically modified RV G proteins or RV capsids to carry antigens of other pathogens as vaccines against Anthrax and Botulism. 

We also seek to develop safer and more potent RV vaccines for wildlife and humans.