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Epilepsy Fellowship

This is a approved fellowship, (epilepsy track for clinical neurophysiology) consisting of a two-year training program at an internationally renowned epilepsy center. The fellowship offers training in diagnosis, medical management, and surgical treatment of epilepsy, along with instruction in EEG, video-EEG monitoring, use of intracranial electrodes, intraoperative monitoring, brain mapping, and evoked potentials. In the first year, education is well rounded in other areas of clinical neurophysiology so that fellows are eligible for the clinical neurophysiology boards. There is a strong emphasis on clinical research and teaching from a multidisciplinary faculty. This fellowship is designed for individuals who wish to pursue academic careers.

The Epilepsy Center is a multidisciplinary quaternary care center for diagnosis and treatment of people with epilepsy. The center has a national referral base. Center faculty includes 4 neurologists, 2 neuropsychologists, 2 neurosurgeons, and 1 radiologist. The center offers basic and advanced diagnostic testing and a full array of conventional and investigational medical and surgical treatments. The surgical program is among the largest in the US, performing 50-70 operations yearly.

In addition to its outpatient facilities, the epilepsy center maintains an inpatient video-EEG monitoring unit consisting of eight beds, each in a specially outfitted private room, where approximately 400 patients are admitted yearly. Patients are evaluated for diagnostic reasons, presurgical assessments, intracranial EEG recording, and management of uncontrolled seizures.