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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Predicting the laterality of temporal lobe epilepsy from PET, MRI, and DTI: A multimodal study: Predicting temporal lobe epilepsy laterality
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  6. Clinical pharmacogenetics implementation consortium guidelines for CYP2C9 and HLA-B genotypes and phenytoin dosing
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  8. Use of antiepileptic drugs and lipid-lowering agents in the United States
  9. Seizure recurrence and remission after switching antiepileptic drugs
  10. Enzyme induction with antiepileptic drugs: Cause for concern?
  11. Plaques on the wall: Inducing anticonvulsant use and atherogenesis
  12. The kids aren't all right
  13. Long-term cardiac rhythm and repolarization abnormalities in refractory focal and generalized epilepsy
  14. B-vitamin deficiency in patients treated with antiepileptic drugs.
  15. B-Vitamin deficiency in patients treated with antiepileptic drugs
  16. Early surgical therapy for drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy: A randomized trial
  17. Surgical outcome in PET-positive, MRI-negative patients with temporal lobe epilepsy
  18. Conversion from enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drugs to topiramate: Effects on lipids and c-reactive protein
  19. License to ILL: Playing the odds after withdrawing and restarting antiepileptic drugs
  20. To test our guess that breast is best: Anticonvulsants and breastfeeding