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Mohammad Shahidullah, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Defects in synapse structure and function precede motor neuron degeneration in Drosophila models of FUS-related ALS
  2. Cell-specific fine-tuning of neuronal excitability by differential expression of modulator protein isoforms
  3. Dyschronic, a Drosophila homolog of a deaf-blindness gene, regulates circadian output and slowpoke channels
  4. Identification of a Neural Circuit that Underlies the Effects of Octopamine on Sleep:Wake Behavior
  5. In vivo role of a potassium channel-binding protein in regulating neuronal excitability and behavior
  6. In Vivo Roles of Ion Channel Regulatory Protein Complexes in Neuronal Physiology and Behavior
  7. Expression of a calmodulin-binding KCNQ2 potassium channel fragment modulates neuronal M-current and membrane excitability
  8. A Drosophila KCNQ channel essential for early embryonic development
  9. Functionally active T1-T1 interfaces revealed by the accessibility of intracellular thiolate groups in Kv4 channels
  10. Molecular features of an alcohol binding site in a neuronal potassium channel
  11. The link between ion permeation and inactivation gating of Kv4 potassium channels
  12. Risk factors for acute respiratory infections among the slum infants of Dhaka city
  13. Signal transduction from bradykinin, angiotensin, adrenergic and muscarinic receptors to effector enzymes, including ADP-ribosyl cyclase
  14. General anesthetic action at an internal protein site involving the S4- S5 cytoplasmic loop of a neuronal K+ channel
  15. Screening for anti-chlamydial antibody in non specific urethritis and reproduction related disorders
  16. Inactivation gating of Kv4 potassium channels: Molecular interactions involving the inner vestibule of the pore
  17. Genetic counselling in dermatology
  18. Viral skin affection in paediatric group: Study of 250 cases
  19. KCR1, a membrane protein that facilitates functional expression of non- inactivating K+ currents associates with rat EAG voltage-dependent K+ channels
  20. Mucocutaneous involvement in Reiter's syndrome: A clinical analysis of 14 cases