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April 27, 2007

May 25, 2007

October 26, 2007

Andrews/Tjoumakaris: Treatment for Low-Grade Gliomas

Berger et al.The effect of extent of resection on recurrence in patients with low grade cerebral hemisphere gliomas.  Cancer 74: 1784-1791, 1994

Claus et al.  Survival rates in patients with low-grade glioma after intraoperative magnetic resonance image guidance.  Cancer 103: 1227-1233, 2003

Karim et al. A randomized trial on dose-response in radiation therapy of low-grade cerebral glioma: European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) study 2284. Int. J. Rad. Oncol. Bio. Phys. 36: 549-556, 1996

Leighton et al. Supratentorial low-grade glioma in adults: an analysis of prognostic factors and timing of radiation. J. Clin. Oncol. 15: 1294-1301, 1997

Schmidt et al. Repeated operations for infiltrative low-grade gliomas without intervening therapy. J. Neurosurg. 98: 1165-1169. 2003

van den Bent et al. Long-term efficacy of early versus delayed radiotherapy for low-grade astrocytoma and oligodendroglioma in adults: the EORTC 22845 randomised trial. Lancet. 366: 985-990

Laack et al. Cognitive function after radiotherapy for supratentorial low-grade glioma: a North Central Cancer Treatment Group prospective study. Int. J. Rad. Oncol. Bio. Phys. 63: 1175-1183, 2005

Fisher et al. Ki-67: a prognostic factor fow low-grade glioma? Int. J. Rad. Oncol. Bio. Phys 52: 996-1001. 2002

All links open in new window.  Links go to the abstract (freely available) for each article.  Access to the articles from there depends on your institutional or individual subscription to the journal.

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