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James S. Harrop, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Variability of patient spine education by Internet search engine
  2. A prospective, multicenter, Phase i matched-comparison group trial of safety, pharmacokinetics, and preliminary efficacy of riluzole in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury
  3. Intraoperative vancomycin use in spinal surgery: Single institution experience and microbial trends
  4. Cervical spondylotic myelopathy in the young adult: A review of the literature and clinical diagnostic criteria in an uncommon demographic
  5. Effect of type II odontoid fracture nonunion on outcome among elderly patients treated without surgery: Based on the AOSpine north america geriatric odontoid fracture study
  6. Preoperative spinal tumor embolization: An institutional experience with Onyx
  7. Assessment of quality of life after surgery for spinal metastases: Position statement of the global spine tumour study group
  8. Neurosurgical training with a novel cervical spine simulator: Posterior foraminotomy and laminectomy
  9. Simulated spinal cerebrospinal fluid leak repair: An educational model with didactic and technical components
  10. A Didactic and hands-on module enhances resident microsurgical knowledge and technical skill
  11. Developing a neurosurgical simulation-based educational curriculum: An overview
  12. Developing an anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion simulator for neurosurgical resident training
  13. Simulated lumbar minimally invasive surgery educational model with didactic and technical components
  14. Neurologic injury because of trauma after Type II odontoid nonunion
  15. Intradural cervical nerve root traumatic neuroma without a history of direct trauma
  16. Type II odontoid fractures: What to do?
  17. Endonasal access to the upper cervical spine, Part one: Radiographic morphometric analysis
  18. Response
  19. The impact of facet dislocation on clinical outcomes after cervical spinal cord injury: Results of a multicenter North American prospective cohort study
  20. The seasonality of postoperative infection in spine surgery: Clinical article