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Kevin D. Judy, MD

Kevin D. Judy, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Vorinostat as a radiosensitizer for brain metastasis: A phase i clinical trial
  2. Predictors of hearing loss after gamma knife radiosurgery for vestibular schwannomas: Age, cochlear dose, and tumor coverage
  3. Clinically silent somatotroph adenomas are common
  4. Differentiation between glioblastomas, solitary brain metastases, and primary cerebral lymphomas using diffusion tensor and dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced MR imaging
  5. Biodistribution and dosimetry of 18F-EF5 in cancer patients with preliminary comparison of 18F-EF5 uptake versus EF5 binding in human glioblastoma
  6. Concurrent cochlear implantation with resection of skull base hemangiopericytoma following sudden deafness in an only hearing ear
  7. Poor drug distribution as a possible explanation for the results of the PRECISE trial
  8. The relationship among hypoxia, proliferation, and outcome in patients with de nouo glioblastoma: A pilot study
  9. Role of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in differentiating oligodendrogliomas from astrocytomas: Clinical investigative study
  10. Magnetic resonance perfusion-weighted imaging defines angiogenic subtypes of oligodendroglioma according to 1p19q and EGFR status
  11. Hypoxia in brain tumors: A review of the literature
  12. Differentiation between glioblastomas and solitary brain metastases using diffusion tensor imaging
  13. Imaging and analytical methods as applied to the evaluation of vasculature and hypoxia in human brain tumors
  14. A phase I trial of ad.hIFN-β gene therapy for glioma
  15. Arterial spin-labeling and MR spectroscopy in the differentiation of gliomas
  16. Prediction of oligodendroglial tumor subtype and grade using perfusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging
  17. Intraaxial brain masses: MR imaging-based diagnostic strategy - Initial experience
  18. Phase I trial of polifeprosan 20 with carmustine implant plus continuous infusion of intravenous O6-benzylguanine in adults with recurrent malignant glioma: New approaches to brain tumor therapy CNS Consortium trial
  19. Response
  20. Stereotactic biopsy of brain stem masses: decision analysis and literature review