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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Prevalence and Incidence of Drug-Resistant Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in the United States
  2. Postsurgical outcome in patients with auditory auras and drug-resistant epilepsy
  3. The Temporal Instability of Resting State Network Connectivity in Intractable Epilepsy
  4. Longitudinal qualitative characterization of mri features after laser interstitial thermal therapy in drug-resistant epilepsy
  5. Direct Electrical Stimulation of the Human Entorhinal Region and Hippocampus Impairs Memory
  6. Variations in Thalamic Anatomy Affect Targeting in Deep Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy
  7. Complications of subdural and depth electrodes in 269 patients undergoing 317 procedures for invasive monitoring in epilepsy
  8. Seizure clusters in drug-resistant focal epilepsy
  9. Patient Historical Risk Factors Associated with Seizure Outcome after Surgery for Drug-Resistant Nonlesional Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  10. High-frequency brain networks undergo modular breakdown during epileptic seizures
  11. Longer Delay From Chronic Pain to Spinal Cord Stimulation Results in Higher Healthcare Resource Utilization
  12. Long-Term Pain Reduction Does Not Imply Improved Functional Outcome in Patients Treated With Combined Supraorbital and Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Migraine
  13. Auras in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and mesial temporal sclerosis
  14. Stimulation of the human medial temporal lobe between learning and recall selectively enhances forgetting
  15. Historical Risk Factors Associated with Seizure Outcome after Surgery for Drug-Resistant Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  16. Gray matter abnormalities in temporal lobe epilepsy: Relationships with resting-state functional connectivity and episodic memory performance
  17. Functional MRI, resting state fMRI, and DTI for predicting verbal fluency outcome following resective surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy
  18. Laser interstitial thermal therapy for medically intractable mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
  19. Interictal epileptiform discharges impair word recall in multiple brain areas
  20. Identification of complications that have a significant effect on length of stay after spine surgery and predictive value of 90-day readmission rate