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Ashwini D. Sharan, MD

Ashwini D. Sharan, MD

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Eye closure causes widespread low-frequency power increase and focal gamma attenuation in the human electrocorticogram
  2. Variability of patient spine education by Internet search engine
  3. Extraventricular long-axis cannulation of the hippocampus: Technical considerations
  4. Human intracranial high-frequency activity maps episodic memory formation in space and time
  5. Repeated stimuli elicit diminished high-gamma electrocorticographic responses
  6. Methods for implantation of micro-wire bundles and optimization of single/multi-unit recordings from human mesial temporal lobe
  7. Functional connectivity evidence of cortico-cortico inhibition in temporal lobe epilepsy
  8. Neurosurgical training with a novel cervical spine simulator: Posterior foraminotomy and laminectomy
  9. Developing a neurosurgical simulation-based educational curriculum: An overview
  10. Category-specific neural oscillations predict recall organization during memory search
  11. Dual occipital and supraorbital nerve stimulation for chronic migraine: A single-center experience, review of literature, and surgical considerations
  12. Extratemporal functional connectivity impairments at rest are related to memory performance in mesial temporal epilepsy
  13. The functional anatomy of non-verbal (pitch memory) function in left and right anterior temporal lobectomy patients
  14. Decoding the memorization of individual stimuli with direct human brain recordings
  15. Synchronous and asynchronous theta and gamma activity during episodic memory formation
  16. Neurostimulation for the treatment of epilepsy: A review of current surgical interventions
  17. Impedance variations over time for a closed-loop neurostimulation devi Early experience with chronically implanted electrodes
  18. A review on spinal cord stimulation
  19. Cerebrospinal fluid leaks from penetrating injuries: Diagnosis and treatment
  20. Anterograde revision of cervical spinal cord stimulator paddle electrode: A case report