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Vincenzo Berghella, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Blood loss at cesarean delivery in women on magnesium sulfate for preeclampsia
  2. Bariatric surgery and associated adverse pregnancy outcomes among obese women
  3. A review on pregnancy after intestinal transplantation
  4. Cervical Cerclage During Periviability: Can We Stabilize a Moving Target?
  5. Comparative Analysis of Two- Versus Three-Dimensional Sonography for Nuchal Translucency Measurement
  6. Folic acid supplementation in pregnancy to prevent preterm birth: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
  7. Cervical Length Screening in Asymptomatic Women at High Risk and Low Risk for Spontaneous Preterm Birth
  8. Overview of Cervical Insufficiency: Diagnosis, Etiologies, and Risk Factors Cervical
  9. Cerclage: Indications and Patient Counseling
  10. Planned delivery at 37 weeks in twins: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
  11. Always ask why!
  12. Randomized controlled trial of prolonged second stage: Extending the time limit vs usual guidelines
  13. Pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI) and cerclage success
  14. Fetal cerebellar damage in fetuses with severe anemia undergoing intrauterine transfusions
  15. Celiac disease and obstetric complications: A systematic review and metaanalysis
  16. Tocolysis for Acute Preterm Labor: Where Have We Been, Where Are We Now, and Where are We Going?
  17. Evidence on the use of tranexamic acid at cesarean delivery
  18. Preferences in cesarean delivery surgical technique: A survey of maternal-fetal medicine fellows
  19. Efficacy of ultrasound-indicated cerclage in twin pregnancies, REPLAY
  20. Electrocardiogram st analysis during labor: A systematic review and meta-Analysis of randomized controlled trials