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Peter F. DeLuca, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Pectoralis major ruptures in professional American football players
  2. Clinical measurement of patellar tendon: accuracy and relationship to surgical tendon dimensions.
  3. Outcomes of arthroscopic repair of panlabral tears of the glenohumeral joint
  4. Hamstring injuries in professional football players: Magnetic resonance imaging correlation with return to play
  5. Common Peroneal Entrapment Neuropathy Secondary to a Popliteal Lipoma: Ultrasound Superior to Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Diagnosis
  6. Ulnar collateral ligament injuries of the elbow in professional football quarterbacks
  7. Mean subaxial space available for the cord index as a novel method of measuring cervical spine geometry to predict the chronic stinger syndrome in American football players: Clinical article
  8. Cervical spine injuries in American football
  9. Assessment of cervical spinal canal geometry by football position in athletes in the NFL scouting combine
  10. Humeral avulsion of the glenohumeral ligament caused by microtrauma to the anterior capsule in an overhand throwing athlete: A case report
  11. Pneumomediastinum from sports-related trauma: Key findings and recommendations
  12. Histological diagnosis and tibial neuromas [1] (multiple letters)
  13. Ar 03EE throscopic treatment of patellar clunk
  14. Tibial neuroma presenting as a Baker cyst
  15. Excision of herniated nucleus pulposus in children and adolescents