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Sidney M. Jacoby, MD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Interobserver Agreement of the Eaton-Glickel Classification for Trapeziometacarpal and Scaphotrapezial Arthrosis
  2. Risk factors predicting revision surgery after medial epicondylectomy for primary cubital tunnel syndrome
  3. Variables Prognostic for Delayed Union and Nonunion Following Ulnar Shortening Fixed with a Dedicated Osteotomy Plate
  4. Complications following partial and total wrist arthroplasty: A single-center retrospective review
  5. Assessment of decisional conflict about the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, comparing patients and physicians
  6. Perceptions of emergency medicine residency and hand surgery fellowship program directors in the appropriate disposition of upper extremity emergencies
  7. Scaphoid nonunion: Surgical fixation with local nonvascularized bone graft (open)
  8. Kienbock’s disease
  9. Mini-open versus extended open release for severe carpal tunnel syndrome
  10. Four-corner arthrodesis with a radiolucent locking dorsal circular plate: technique and outcomes
  11. Treatment preferences for trigger digit by members of the American Association for Hand Surgery
  12. Radiographic loss of contact between radial head fracture fragments is moderately reliable
  13. Little Finger carpometacarpal arthroplasty technique and result in 3 cases
  14. Distal radius volar locking plate design and associated vulnerability of the flexor pollicis longus
  15. The incidence of postoperative flare reaction and tissue complications in Dupuytren’s disease using tension-free immobilization
  16. One-bone forearm procedure for Hajdu-Cheney syndrome: A case report
  17. Internal fixation of distal metacarpal fractures: New uses for an old plate
  18. Hook of hamate fractures in competitive baseball players
  19. Examining the efficacy and maintenance of contracture correction after collagenase clostridium histolyticum treatment for Dupuytren's disease
  20. One-stage Integra coverage for fingertip injuries