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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Comparison of implant cost and surgical time in arthroscopic transosseous and transosseous equivalent rotator cuff repair
  2. A functional analysis of distal biceps tendon repair: Single-incision Endobutton technique vs. two-incision modified Boyd–Anderson technique
  3. Length of stay after shoulder arthroplasty-the effect of an orthopedic specialty hospital
  4. Future Patient Demand for Shoulder Arthroplasty by Younger Patients: National Projections
  5. Leukocyte esterase in the diagnosis of shoulder periprosthetic joint infection
  6. What's good for the heart is good for the shoulder? Commentary on an article by Chang-Meen Sung, MD, et al.: "Are serum lipids involved in primary frozen shoulder? A case-control study"
  7. Reverse shoulder arthroplasty for proximal humeral fractures: Update on indications, technique, and results
  8. Shoulder instability in older patients
  9. Isolated subscapularis repair for massive rotator cuff tear
  10. Relationship of scapular neck length to scapular notching after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty by use of plain radiographs
  11. Anterior instability with capsular deficiency
  12. Complications of instability surgery
  13. How surgeons make decisions when the evidence is inconclusive
  14. Outcomes after distal biceps repair in patients with workers' compensation claims
  15. Sensitivity of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance arthrography in detection of panlabral tears of the glenohumeral joint
  16. Outcomes of arthroscopic repair of panlabral tears of the glenohumeral joint
  17. Arthroscopically assisted percutaneous fixation and bone grafting of a glenoid fossa fracture nonunion
  18. Repair of pectoralis major ruptures: Single-surgeon case series
  19. Operative treatment of isolated teres major ruptures
  20. Arthroscopic bone tunnel augmentation for rotator cuff repair