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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Clinical differentiation of upper extremity pain etiologies
  2. Epidemiology of aquatic and recreational water sport injuries: A case-control analysis
  3. T1Rho magnetic resonance imaging at 3t detects knee cartilage changes after viscosupplementation
  4. Chondroprotection and the prevention of osteoarthritis progression of the knee: A systematic review of treatment agents
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  11. Functional results following surgical repair of simultaneous bilateral quadriceps tendon ruptures
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  13. Arthroscopic and Open Posterior Instability Repair in NFL Linemen
  14. Physical examination for meniscus tears
  15. There is no need to avoid resistance training (weight lifting) until physeal closure.
  16. Eminence-based medicine versus evidence-based medicine: when can the athlete with a sprained ankle return to play?
  17. Eminence-based medicine versus evidence- based medicine: Is anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction optimally performed with the double-bundle technique?
  18. Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in patients aged > 40 years: A case-control study
  19. Shoulder instability in the contact or collision athlete
  20. Humerus fractures at a regional trauma center: An epidemiologic study