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News of Note January 2016

Ariyo, Olutayo

  • Two abstracts approved for poster presentations: “Pictorial Essay on 5 variants of the Vertebral Artery” and  “Retroesophageal Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery and its Clinical significance” were accepted -British Association of Clinical Anatomy (BACA)  London. Dec.10 Winter Meeting.
  • Ariyo O., Bruce Fenderson: A rare type of the Brachioulnoradial Artery and its Clinical Significance. December 2015, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy.


  • Anil Noronha Antony, Melanie Paillard, Cynthia Moffat, Egle Juskeviciute, Jason Correnti, Brad Bolon, Emanuel Rubin, György Csordás, Erin L. Seifert, Jan B. Hoek and György Hajnóczky.  MICU1 regulation of mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake dictates survival and tissue regeneration. Nature Communications

Seifert, Erin

Walker, Janice

  • Has been awarded a DTSA grant: PI: Janice Walker, Programmatic Team: Andrzej Fertala, Sue Menko, Ulhas Naik. Title: “A Search for Effective Pharmaceutical Targets to Block Fibrosis”

Zhang, Guiyun

  • Our abstract entitled "Gaining competencies during early medical training: medical students as teaching assistants in dissection-based anatomy course" was selected as a Poster Award finalist for an AAA/ASE Student/Postdoctoral Education Research Poster Award. Tucker Brown, a 2nd year medical student who actively participated in the project and is the first author under my supervision, will be presenting the poster. He is one of the five Poster Award Finalists. These finalists are selected from over 260 abstracts.