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Joint Program in Functional Genomics/Computational Biology
Thomas Jefferson University & University of Delaware

The Joint Program in Functional Genomics/Computational Biology at the Daniel Baugh Institute has been established to provide an interdisciplinary base for research and education in these rapidly emerging computational-biomedical fields.

Students in the program have the opportunity to assemble their curriculum from a selection of courses at both universities. There is no additional tuition cost and the credits and grades appear on the home institute academic transcript. Graduate level courses available include but are not limited to:

Thomas Jefferson University
  Biochemistry: Molecular Building Blocks
  Biochemistry: Genetic Information Transfer
  Biochemistry: Metabolism
  Cell Biology
  Molecular Pharmacology
  Introduction to Neuroscience
  Medical Neuroscience
University of Delaware
  Metabolic Engineering
  Biochemical Engineering
  Discovery Informatics
  High Performance Computing
  Nonlinear Dynamics
  Numerical Techniques
  Advanced Control