David N. Moolten, MD

David N. Moolten, MD currently serves as a Medical Director at the American Red Cross Blood Services, Penn-Jersey Region and Medical Director of their Clinical Services and Blood Stem Cell Program.  He has been a member of the blood center’s medical staff since 1992.

He received a B.A. from Harvard College and M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Moolten subsequently completed a residency in Pathology at the University of Pennsylvania and fellowship in Blood Banking/ Transfusion Medicine in this training program.

Dr. Moolten is board certified in both Clinical Pathology and Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine.

Selected Research Publications:

1.  Jefferies LC, Albertus M, Morgan MA, Moolten DN. High Deferral Rate for Maternal– Neonatal Donor Pairs for an Allogeneic Umbilical Cord Blood Bank. Transfusion 1999; 39(4): 415-419.

2.  Moolten DN. Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant -Future Directions. Sem Onc 1995; 22:271-290.     

3.  Williams TM, Moolten DN, Burlein J, Romano J, Bhaerman R, Godillot A, Mellon M, Rauscher FJ III, Kant JA. Identification of a Zinc Finger Protein That Inhibits IL-2 Gene Expression. Science 1991; 254:1791-1794.

4.  Malter J, Moolten DN, Alahari SK, Makni H, Kant JA, Kamoun M. Detection of CD2 Polymorphism on Chromosome 1 with EcoR1. Nucl Acids Res 1990.

Selected Book Chapters:

1.  Moolten DN. Pediatric Perioperative Blood Recovery: In: Herman JH, Manno CS, eds. Pediatric Transfusion Therapy. AABB Press:Bethesda, MD, 2002; 325-354.

2.  Herman JH, Moolten DN, Peek CC. Collection and transfusion technologies to reduce donor exposure.  In:  Aubuchon JP and Issitt L, eds. Limiting Donor Exposure in Hemotherapy, AABB Press:Bethesda, MD, 1994, 75-95.