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Wei Jiang, MD

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Toughening polylactide with polyether-block-amide and thermoplastic starch acetate: Influence of starch esterification degree
  2. A step-up resonant converter for grid-connected renewable energy sources
  3. ™REC: A database of transcription factor and miRNA regulatory cascades in human diseases
  4. Characterization of proteins in S. cerevisiae with subcellular localizations
  5. Conjugated donor-acceptor copolymers from dicyanated naphthalene diimide
  6. Effects of SiO2 nanoparticles on phospholipid membrane integrity and fluidity
  7. Optimal procurement of long-term contracts in the presence of imperfect spot market
  8. Hydrothermal synthesis and microwave absorption properties of Fe3O4@SnO2 core–shell structured microspheres
  9. Size-Controllable Synthesis of Fe3O4 Nanospheres for Electromagnetic Wave Absorber
  10. New D-A-π-A organic sensitizers for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
  11. Percutaneous fibrin gel injection under c-arm fluoroscopy guidance: A new minimally invasive choice for symptomatic sacral perineural cystse
  12. Templated self-assembly of block copolymers and morphology transformation driven by the Rayleigh instability
  13. A bipolar homoleptic iridium dendrimer composed of diphenylphosphoryl and diphenylamine dendrons for highly efficient non-doped single-layer green PhOLEDs
  14. Temperature-responsive ionic liquid extraction and separation of the aromatic sulfur compounds
  15. A high triplet energy small molecule based thermally cross-linkable hole-transporting material for solution-processed multilayer blue electrophosphorescent devices
  16. A comparison of likelihood-based spatiotemporal monitoring methods under non-homogenous population size
  17. Power allocation strategy of hybrid energy storage system for microgrid
  18. Preparation of Fe3O4 magnetic porous microspheres (MPMs) and their application in treating mercury-containing wastewater from the polyvinyl chloride industry by calcium carbide method
  19. Silver oxide as superb and stable photocatalyst under visible and near-infrared light irradiation and its photocatalytic mechanism
  20. Thermally activated delayed fluorescence of N-phenylcarbazole and triphenylamine functionalised tris(aryl)triazines