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Wei Jiang, MD

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132 South 10th Street
Main Building, 285L
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 503-5665

Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. The construction of complex multicomponent supramolecular systems via the combination of orthogonal self-assembly and the self-sorting approach
  2. Four coordination polymers constructed by a novel octacarboxylate functionalized calix[4]arene ligand: Syntheses, structures, and photoluminescence property
  3. High-temperature tribological performance of hybrid PTFE/Nomex fabric/phenolic composite
  4. Facile preparation of a pH-sensitive nano-magnetic targeted system to deliver doxorubicin to tumor tissues
  5. Ultralong cylindrical micelles precisely located with semiconductor nanorods by solvent evaporation-driven sel 05B4 f-assembly
  6. One-pot synthesis of urchinlike Ni nanoparticles/RGO composites with extraordinary electromagnetic absorption properties
  7. Transactivation of epidermal growth factor receptor through platelet-activating factor/receptor in ovarian cancer cells
  8. Fluorescent sensor of fluorene derivatives having phosphonic aci 05B4 d as a fluorogenic ionophore: Synthesis and static quenched properties for Fe(III)
  9. Analysis and identification of essential genes in humans using topological properties and biological information
  10. Integrated molecular, interfacial, and device engineering towards high-performance non-fullerene based organic solar cells
  11. Ionic liquid extraction and catalytic oxidative desulfurization of fuels using dialkylpiperidinium tetrachloroferrates catalysts
  12. Asymmetric vesicle constructed by AB/CB diblock copolymer mixture and its behavior: A monte carlo study
  13. RFT2 is overexpressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and promotes tumorigenesis by sustaining cell proliferation and protecting against cell death
  14. The expression of platelet-activating factor receptor modulates the cisplatin sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells: A novel target for combination therapy
  15. Ground-State Quantum Discord i 0790 n Coupled Cavities
  16. Lactic acid based sol-gel process of Ag nanoparticles and crystalline phase control of Ni particles in aqueous sol-gel process
  17. Spherical polystyrene-supported chitosan thin film of fast kinetics and high capacity for copper removal
  18. Controllable synthesis of hollow mesoporous silica spheres and application as support of nano-gold
  19. Identification of the effective constituents for anti-inflammatory activity of Ju-Zhi-Jiang-Tang, an ancient traditional Chinese medicine formula