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Shigemi Kinoshita, PhD

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1020 Locust Street
Jefferson Alumni Hall. Suite 336C
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 503-1152

Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Snapin, Positive Regulator of Stimulation- Induced Ca2+ Release through RyR, Is Necessary for HIV-1 Replication in T Cells
  2. COP9 signalosome component JAB1/CSN5 is necessary for T cell signaling through LFA-1 and HIV-1 replication
  3. NF-IL6 (C/EBPβ) induces HIV-1 replication by inhibiting cytidine deaminase APOBEC3G
  4. Erratum: Leukocyte functional antigen 1 lowers T cell activation thresholds and signling through cytohesin-1 and Jun-activating binding protein 1 (Nature Immunology (2003) vol. 4 (1083-1092))
  5. Leukocyte functional antigen 1 lowers T cell activation thr 05B4 esholds and signaling through cytohesin-1 and Jun-activating binding protein 1
  6. Activation of the PKB/AKT pathway by ICAM-2
  7. Host control of HIV-1 parasitism in T cells by the nuclear factor of activated T cells
  8. Toso, a cell surface, specific regulator of Fas-induced apoptosis in T cells
  9. The T cell activa 05B4 tion factor NF-ATc positively regulates HIV-1 replication and gene expression in T cells
  10. Identification of an oncogenic form of the thrombopoietin receptor MPL using retrovirus-mediated gene transfer
  11. Applications of retrovirus-mediated expression cloning
  12. Efficient screening of retroviral cDNA expression libraries
  13. Phosphorylation at threonine-235 by a ras-dependent mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade is essential for transcription factor NF-IL6
  14. A member of the C/EBP family, NF-IL6β, forms a heterodimer and transcriptionally synergizes with NF-IL6
  15. Regulation of expression of the interleukin 6 gene: structure and function of the transcription factor NF-IL6.
  16. A nuclear factor for the IL-6 gene (NF-IL6)
  17. A nuclear factor for IL-6 expression (NF-IL6) is a member of a C/EBP family