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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. A Plea to Consider the Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Consumption
  2. To drink or not to drink: That is the question
  3. Ethanol exposure induces the cancer-associated fibroblast phenotype and lethal tumor metabolism Implications for breast cancer prevention
  4. Mitochondrial dysfunction in breast cancer cells prevents tumor growth: Understanding chemoprevention with metformin
  5. An Optimized Method for the Measurement of Acetaldehyde by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
  6. Effects of ethanol on mouse embryonic stem cells
  7. Suppression of heavy drinking and alcohol seeking by a selective ALDH-2 inhibitor
  8. Oligonucleotide-mediated gene targeting in human hepatocytes: Implications of mismatch repair
  9. Curricular reform may improve students' performance on externally administered comprehensive examinations
  10. Alcohol and mitochondria in cardiac apoptosis: Mechanisms and visualization
  11. Different effects of red wine and gin consumption on inflammatory biomarkers of atherosclerosis: A prospective randomized crossover trial: Effects of wine on inflammatory markers
  12. Angiotensin-converting enzyme gene polymorphism is associated with vulnerability to alcoholic cardiomyopathy
  13. Alterations in insulin-like growth factor-I signaling in cardiomyocytes from chronic alcohol-exposed rats
  14. The effect of controlled drinking in alcoholic cardiomyopathy
  15. Effects of alcohol on the heart
  16. Effect of angiotensin II and ethanol on the expression of connexin 43 in WB rat liver epithelial cells
  17. Modeling alcohol's effects on organs in animal models
  18. Changes in activity and regulation of the cardiac CA2+ channel (L-type) by protein kinase C in chronic alcohol-exposed rats
  19. Effect of chronic ethanol exposure on inositol trisphosphate receptors in WB rat liver epithelial cells
  20. Characteristics of medical students completing an honors program in pathology