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Investigational Medication to Treat Uncontrollable Movements (Dyskinesias) Caused by Parkinson’s Disease Medications

Short Description:
This study will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a new drug being developed to treat people who suffer from uncontrollable movements (dyskinesias) caused by Parkinson’s disease treatment.

Summary Abstract:
It is common among people who have had Parkinsons disease (PD) for several years to develop uncontrollable movements (Dyskinesias) due to the drugs they take to control the symptoms of PD. In this clinical trial, researchers will evaluate how well a one milligram dose of a study medication works over the course of 24 weeks. Participants will be divided at random into two groups; one will receive the study drug, the other will receive a sugar pill (placebo). Participants will take study drug for 24 weeks (6 months). Participants will not be required to stay at the hospital any time during the trial.

Sponsoring Institution: Merck KgaA, Darmstadt Germany

Eligibility Information:

  • Inclusion Criteria:
    • People who have had PD and uncontrollable movements (dyskinesias) for several years and are not able to find any effective treatment
  • Exclusion Criteria:
    • Certain medical conditions including liver or kidney problems
    • Recent changes to PD medications
    • Pregnant or breast feeding
    • Participation in another clinical trial

Time Commitment Length: 6 months

Time Commitment Frequency: ~ average visits every month