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Research Study for Patients with Early Parkinson's Disease

We are looking for volunteers with early Parkinson’s disease (PD) to test an investigational drug.


We are recruiting adults over age 30, who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) less than 5 years ago.  Volunteers must be taking a stable dose of rasagiline (AZILECT®) 1mg/day or selegiline (ELDEPRYL®) 10mg/day for at least 8 weeks but not more than 8 months, and no other PD medications.  Volunteers should be in good general health, and have no history of diabetes, heart failure, or bladder cancer.


This research is being done to determine the effect of pioglitazone (ACTOS®) on the change of PD symptoms over a 44 week period of time.  Pioglitazone is an FDA-approved drug for treatment of type-II diabetes.  However, pioglitazone has never been studied in people with PD.  We hope to determine if pioglitazone slows the worsening of PD symptoms over a 44 week period, how safe and tolerable is pioglitazone in people with PD, and if pioglitazone should be studied further in people with PD.  We hope that this study provides some important information and answers so that we may plan future studies of pioglitazone in PD.


Your participation includes study related examinations and study drug at no cost.  You would have 6 in person visits and one telephone visit over 48 weeks.


To participate please contact the study coordinator, Stephanie Sendek, at

Thomas Jefferson University : 215-955-8700 or