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Robert W. Mason, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Activity of daily living for Morquio A syndrome
  2. Cathepsin inhibition prevents autophagic protein turnover and downregulates insulin growth factor-1 receptor-mediated signaling in neuroblastoma
  3. Disruption of Annexin II /p11 interaction suppresses leukemia cell binding, homing and engraftment, and sensitizes the leukemia cells to chemotherapy
  4. CD19-targeted nanodelivery of doxorubicin enhances therapeutic efficacy in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  5. Loss of Sip1 leads to migration defects and retention of ectodermal markers during lens development
  6. Novel heparan sulfate assay by using automated high-throughput mass spectrometry: Application to monitoring and screening for mucopolysaccharidoses
  7. Impact of enzyme replacement therapy and hematopoietic stem cell therapy on growth in patients with Hunter syndrome
  8. Morquio A syndrome: Diagnosis and current and future therapies
  9. Newborn screening and diagnosis of mucopolysaccharidoses
  10. Dexamethasone-loaded block copolymer nanoparticles induce leukemia cell death and enhance therapeutic efficacy: A novel application in pediatric nanomedicine
  11. Inhibitors of cathepsins B and L induce autophagy and cell death in neuroblastoma cells
  12. Therapies of mucopolysaccharidosis IVA (Morquio A syndrome)
  13. Efficient differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into motor neurons
  14. Identification of the phosphorylation sites in the survival motor neuron protein by protein kinase A
  15. Proteomic assessment of a cell model of spinal muscular atrophy
  16. Induction of cell death in neuroblastoma by inhibition of cathepsins B and L
  17. Protein processing by the placental protease, cathepsin P
  18. Role of cathepsins in blastocyst hatching in the golden hamster
  19. Emerging Functions of Placental Cathepsins
  20. Development of a specific inhibitor for the placental protease, cathepsin P