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Barbara D. Schraeder, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Respiratory health, lung function, and airway responsiveness in school- age survivors of very-low-birth-weight
  2. Academic achievement and educational resource use of very low birth weight (VLBW) survivors.
  3. Methacholine challenge in detecting bronchial hyperreactivity in children
  4. The Influence of Early Biological Risk and the Home Environment on Nine-Year Outcome of Very Low Birth Weight
  5. Home and Classroom Behavioral Adjustment in Very Low Birthweight Children: The Influence of Caregiver Stress and Goodness of Fit
  6. Children with disabilities
  7. Assessment of measures to detect preschool academic risk in very-low-birth-weight children
  8. Development and longitudinal follow-up of low-birth-weight infants.
  9. Vulnerability and temperament in very low birth weight school-aged children
  10. Finishing first grade: A study of school achievement in very-low-birth-weight children
  11. Visual acuity, binocular vision, and ocular muscle balance in VLBW children.
  12. The value of early home assessment in identifying risk in children who were very low birth weight.
  13. Temperament, behavior problems, and learning skills in very low birth weight preschoolers.
  14. Impact of caretaker stress on behavioral adjustment of very low birth weight preschool children
  15. Preschool temperament of very-low-birth-weight infants
  16. The influence of multiple risk factors on very low birth weight infants.
  17. Preschool development very low birthweight infants.
  18. Using intuitive knowledge in the neonatal intensive care nursery
  19. Caring for low birth weight infants beyond the intensive care nursery: developing public policy.
  20. Using intuitive knowledge to make clinical decisions.