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Constantine Daskalakis, ScD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Epidermal growth factor receptor mutation status and Rad51 determine the response of glioblastoma to multimodality therapy with cetuximab, temozolomide, and radiation
  2. Stage of Change and Other Predictors of Participant Retention in a Behavioral Weight Management Program in Primary Care
  3. A randomized controlled trial of a tailored navigation and a standard intervention in colorectal cancer screening
  4. Using routinely collected growth data to assess a school-based obesity prevention strategy
  5. The effect on colon visualization during colonoscopy of the addition of simethicone to polyethylene glycol-electrolyte solution: A randomized single-blind study
  6. Autophagy inhibition synergistically enhances anticancer efficacy of RAMBA, VN/12-1 in SKBR-3 cells, and tumor xenografts
  7. Measuring informed decision making about prostate cancer screening in primary care
  8. Central blood pressures are associated with left ventricular mass index among African-American adolescents
  9. Smoking cessation and prevention: Implications of study design, research setting, and goals
  10. A retrospective analysis of the use of caspofungin in recipients of liver transplant with a modified high index of suspicion for fungal infection. A critical review of mortality, acute cellular rejection, infections, and changes in the liver function tests while on caspofungin
  11. Obesity and other predictors of absenteeism in philadelphia school children
  12. Mediated decision support in prostate cancer screening: A randomized controlled trial of decision counseling
  13. Reply to the editor
  14. Race/ethnicity, gender, weight status, and colorectal cancer screening
  15. Alterations in capillary morphology are found in mild blood pressure elevation
  16. Efficacy of morning-only compared with split-d 0785 ose polyethylene glycol electrolyte solution for afternoon colonoscopy: A randomized controlled single-blind study
  17. Endothelin-1 response to glucose and insulin among African Americans
  18. Over-the-counter analgesics in cirrhotic patients: A case-control study examining the risk of hospitalization for liver-associated events
  19. Regulation of transforming growth factor-Β1 by insulin in prediabetic African Americans
  20. GM1 ganglioside in Parkinson's disease: Results of a five year open study