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Giovanni M. Pitari, MD, PhD

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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. An aerocom assessment of black carbon in Arctic snow and sea ice
  2. Observations and box model analysis of radon-222 in the atmospheric surface layer at L'Aquila, Italy: March 2009 case study
  3. Intercomparison of shortwave radiative transfer schemes in global aerosol modeling: Results from the AeroCom Radiative Transfer Experiment
  4. Aerosol measurements at L'Aquila EARLINET station in central Italy: Impact of local sources and large scale transport resolved by LIDAR
  5. Using transport diagnostics to understand chemistry climate model ozone simulations
  6. Projections of UV radiation changes in the 21st century: Impact of ozone recovery and cloud effects
  7. Multimodel assessment of the factors driving stratospheric ozone evolution over the 21st century
  8. Transport impacts on atmosphere and climate: Aviation
  9. Decline and recovery of total column ozone using a multimodel time series ana 11A8 lysis
  10. Chemistry-climate model simulations of spring Antarctic ozone
  11. Evidence for changes in stratospheric transport and mixing over the past three decades based on multiple data sets and tropical leaky pipe analysis
  12. Multimodel assessment of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere: Extratropics
  13. Impact of stratospheric ozone on Southern Hemisphere circulation change: A multimodel assessment
  14. The potential to narrow uncertainty in projections of stratospheric ozone over the 21st century
  15. Multi-model assessment of stratospheric ozone return dates and ozone recovery in CCMVal-2 models
  16. Chemistry-climate model simulations of twenty-first century stratospheric climate and circulation changes
  17. Review of the formulation of present-generation stratospheric chemistry-climate models and associated external forcings
  18. Erratum: evaluation of black carbon estimations in global aerosol models (Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2009) 9 (9001-9026))
  19. Evaluation of black carbon estimations in global aerosol models
  20. The tropical tropopause layer 1960-2100