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Scott A. Waldman, MD, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Managing the innovation supply chain to maximize personalized medicine
  2. Antiobesity pharmacotherapy: New drugs and emerging targets
  3. Molecular insights provide the critical path to disease mitigation
  4. Intestinal GUCY2C prevents TGF-β secretion coordinating desmoplasia and hyperproliferation in colorectal cancer
  5. Advances in cancer immunotherapy
  6. Colorectal cancer immunotherapy
  7. Translating colorectal cancer prevention through the guanylyl cyclase C signaling axis
  8. Molecular staging of node negative patients with colorectal cancer
  9. Systems approaches evolve clinical pharmacology
  10. New advances in models and strategies for developing anti-obesity drugs
  11. Systems-based discovery advances drug development
  12. GUCY2C: At the intersection of obesity and cancer
  13. Translational medicine individualizes healthcare discovery, development and delivery
  14. Obesity pharmacotherapy: What is next?
  15. Immunotherapeutic strategies to target prognostic and predictive markers of cancer
  16. Guanylyl cyclase C as a biomarker in colorectal cancer
  17. Advancing pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology
  18. Analytic lymph node number establishes staging accuracy by occult tumor burden in colorectal cancer
  19. Phosphorylation of vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein Ser239 suppresses filopodia and invadopodia in colon cancer
  20. GUCY2C molecular staging personalizes colorectal cancer patient management