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The Laboratory of Investigative Medicine (LIM) is the analytical laboratory associated with the Thomas Jefferson University Clinical Research Unit (CRU). The LIM occupies three modules each equipped with fume hoods, comprising 1,800 sq ft and is fully equipped to analyze functional, quantitative, and molecular pharmacological endpoints to support clinical trials conducted at Jefferson and as a core analytical laboratory to support multi-institution studies. The LIM has access to two 150 sq. ft. cell culture facilities, a microscopy suite, a darkroom, a walk-in cold (4oC) room, offices, a meeting room, and centralized computer facilities. Also, the LIM has access to equipment including: an ABI 7900HT Sequence Detection System, ultra-, low-speed, and benchtop refrigerated centrifuges; Savant evaporator with pump; gel dryers; laminar flow, bacteriology, and molecular biology hoods; CO2 incubators; gamma and liquid scintillation counters; spectrophotometer; polyacrylamide and sequencing gel electrophoresis components with high voltage power supplies; -20oC freezers and refrigerators; -70oC freezers; pH meters, balances, homogenizers, sonicators, tissue disruptors; blotting apparatuses; HPLC systems with UV and electrochemical detectors; automated 96-well plate reader; automated densitometer for scanning slab gels; and automated thermocyclers for PCR analyses.