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This laboratory is dedicated to analyzing biological specimens for biochemical and pharmacological endpoints to support clinical studies at Thomas Jefferson University. The laboratory participates in the processing and/or analysis of about 5,000 to 10,000 specimens each year. The laboratory has 3 components, including a 200 sq ft sample processing facility located in the Thomas Jefferson University Clinical Research Unit, a 1,000 sq ft analytical laboratory on the 8th floor of the Medical Office Building, and a 600 sq ft analytical laboratory adjacent to the Clinical Research Unit.

Giovanni M. Pitari, MD, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Medicine, is the Director of the Laboratory of Investigative Medicine and has 2 years of experience supervising analytical activities that support clinical research. A licensed medical technologist and a research technician, who are responsible for sample processing and the conduct of sample analyses, staff the laboratory.

Analytical capabilities of this laboratory are diverse and have included functional analyses, such as platelet aggregomtery, metabolic phenotyping of patients, and analysis of enzyme or receptor activities, and analyses of analytes, drugs, and hormones. The laboratory is staffed and equipped to perform sophisticated analyses of body fluids to support pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, including high performance liquid chromatography analyses employing ultra violet or electrochemical detection of analytes.

Previous studies have included analyses of parent compounds and metabolites of agents such as warfarin, tolbutamide, caffeine, phenytoin, and dextromethrophan. The laboratory has experience in assay generation and validation to support phase I clinical trials.