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J. Jon Veloski,

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Equivalence of students' scores on timed and untimed anatomy practical examinations
  2. Physician lifelong learning: Conceptualization, measurement, and correlates in full-time clinicians and academic clinicians
  3. Development and evaluation of a program to strengthen first year residents' proficiency in leading end-of-life discussions
  4. Medical students′ self-reported empathy and simulated patients′ assessments of student empathy: An analysis by gender and ethnicity
  5. Evaluation of the use of patient-focused simulation for student assessment in a surgery clerkship
  6. A comparison of medical students' self-reported empathy with simulated patients' assessments of the students' empathy
  7. AM last page. The Jefferson Longitudinal Study of medical education.
  8. Rebuttals to critics of studies of the decline of empathy
  9. Measuring medical students' orientation toward lifelong learning: A psychometric evaluation
  10. The predictive validity of three versions of the mcat in relation to performance in medical school, residency, and licensing examinations: A longitudinal study of 36 classes of jefferson medical college
  11. Attitudes of students in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy toward interprofessional education
  12. The devil is in the third year: A longitudinal study of erosion of empathy in medical school
  13. Measurement and Correlates of Physicians' Lifelong Learning
  14. Effectiveness of "Teaching the Teachers" Initiative for Ultrasound Training in Africa1
  15. Short-, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes of Pennsylvania's continuum of tobacco education pilot project
  16. Cross-sectional assessment of medical and nursing students' attitudes toward chronic illness at matriculation and graduation.
  17. The relationship between performance on a medical school's clinical skills assessment and USMLE Step 2 CS.
  18. Validating an Ataxia Functional Composite Scale in spinocerebellar ataxia
  19. Evaluation of the congruence between students' postencounter notes and standardized patients' checklists in a clinical skills examination
  20. Components of postgraduate competence: Analyses of thirty years of longitudinal data