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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Impact of cannabis use during stabilization on methadone maintenance treatment
  2. Drug Abuse, Dependency, and Withdrawal
  3. Erratum: The influence of intake urinalysis, psychopathology measures, and menstrual cycle phase on treatment outcome (The American Journal on Addictions 18: 2 (169))
  4. The influence of intake urinalysis, psychopathology measures, and menstrual cycle phase on treatment compliance
  5. Measuring recovery capital and determining its relationship to outcome in an alcohol dependent sample
  6. A retrospective case control study of alcohol relapse and spiritual growth
  7. Inpatient desire to drink as a predictor of relapse to alcohol use following treatment
  8. Levels of spirituality and treatment outcome: A preliminary examination
  9. The relationship between nicotine dependence and addiction severity amongst cocaine abusers
  10. Gender differences in cue exposure reactivity and 9-month outcome
  11. Pre-treatment measures of impulsivity, aggression and sensation seeking are associated with treatment outcome for African-American cocaine-dependent patients
  12. Differences in peripheral noradrenergic function among actively drinking and abstinent alcohol-dependent individuals
  13. Comparison of Pretreatment Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes for Alcohol-, Cocaine-, and Multisubstance-Dependent Patients
  14. Relationship between seroton in transporter gene polymorphisms and platelet serotonin transporter sites among African-American cocaine-dependent individuals and healthy volunteers
  15. Relationship between Platelet Serotonin Uptake Sites and Measures of Impulsivity, Aggression, and Craving among African-American Cocaine Abusers
  16. High- and low-structure treatments for substance dependence: Role of learned helplessness
  17. Tobacco Smoking: Current Concepts in Etiology and Treatment
  18. Nicotine dependence and treatment outcome among African American cocaine-dependent patients
  19. The genetic determinants of smoking
  20. Relationship between platelet serotonin uptake sites and treatment outcome among African-American cocaine dependent individuals