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Technology and Equipment

At Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's Department of Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics Division, we work to improve cancer patients' outcomes through patient-centered care, research and education. Jefferson's joint facitilies include, Jefferson Hospital for Neurosurgery, Riddle Memorial Hospital, Methodist Hospital and Aria Health. In total, equipment and techology includes 9 linacs, 2 HDR (1 of which is included in Bodine's brachytherapy treatment suite), 2 CT simulators and a Gamma Knife system.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's Bodine Center for Cancer Treatment has two Elekta linear accelerators (linacs) and two Varian TrueBeam linear accelerators. All systems are equipped with cone beam CT and EPID, and are capable of delivering IMRT, VMAT, and stereotactic radiotherapy, utilizing MOSAIQ record and verify in a paperless work environment. The Elekta linacs have 4D CBCT for visualization of structure motion. Three of the linacs are commissioned for TBI delivery.

Other technologies in use include accessories for SRS, SRT, TBI, IORT, automated breathing coordination, custom patient immobilization, HexaPod automatic table positioning with six degrees of freedom, and AlignRT, a system capable of real time patient surface monitoring.

The Department is equipped with one CT simulator with 4D capabilities (GE LightSpeed-16 with Advantage Workstation and Varian RPM), one Nucletron Simulix simulator with cone beam CT capabilities, and a block cutting and mold room.

Treatment planning tools consist of full 3D capabilities for both photons and electrons along with IMRT and VMAT (XiO, Monaco, and Eclipse planning systems). We have multiple treatment planning stations so that training is done in parallel with clinical service.

Our Brachytherapy Division has a Nucletron High Dose Rate afterloader which utilizes Oncentra Brachytherapy or Prostate planning for breast, gynecological, skin, and prostate cancer treatments. The department also has a well established LDR (Varian Variseed) brachytherapy program for permanent prostate seed implants. Microspere therapy us available for liver cancer and now offer radioisotope therapy for metastatic prostate cancer.



Jefferson Hospital for Neurosurgery (JHN), has SRS/SRT. There is a Novalis 6MV BrainLab microcollimator with ARIA R+V system and ExacTrac image guidance system with two infrared tracking cameras and stereoscopic kV imaging (two kV digital imaging systems). JHN also is equipped with a Gamma Knife 4C with Automatic Positioning System. JHN utilizes BrainScan planning systems, one GammaPlan 5.x RTP, and an XKnife Radionics RTP used strictly for research.


Aria Health (formerly Frankford-Torresdale Hospital), has two Varian linacs, one 2100C and one Trilogy with on-board-imaging, and both capable of IMRT. Both machines are mixed modality energies and have Varis Vision electronic portal imaging capabilities. The department administers the MOSAIQ record and verification system. There is a dedicated Phillips Acusim CT simulator and five Pinnacle 3D/IMRT planning systems.

Riddle Memorial Hospital has a Varian Truebeam linac with EPID and CBCT imaging capabilities, as well as VMAT and IMRT delivery options. This department has Eclipse planning systems and Focalism.

Methodist Hospital has a Varian Clinac 2100 CD, a Ximatron classic simulator, MOSAIQ, and XiO treatment planning system. They use IGRT with MOSAIQ stereoscopic imaging and have IMRT capabilities.

Dosimetry laboratories are available to the program at Jefferson Bodine Center, Methodist, Riddle Memorial, and Aria Health (formerly Frankford-Torresdale). We have standard and specialized ion chambers, diodes for photon and electron beams, an OSL dosimetry system for in-vivo measurements, film densitometer, two water tank dosimetry systems, a linear diode array for dosimetry, three humanoid phantoms for dosimetry, an IMRT and a CT phantom and a supply of tissue, bone and lung equivalent plastic slabs.  There are two diode arrays used for patient specific IMRT and VMAT QA, the MapCheck and Delta4.



At the Bodine Center, a machine shop located in the clinical area is used by the clinical physics staff. This machine shop is operated by a full-time machinist and is available for clinical and research projects. There is an in-house Bioengineering shop in the Physics Division of both Jefferson and Aria hospitals and there are five full time engineers available for machine support.