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Medical Physics Staff

Medical Physics Staff

Yu, Yan
Vice-Chair and Professor
Director, Medical Physics

Cao, Junsheng

Charpentier, Pierre
Clinical Instructor

Doyle, Laura
Clinical Instructor
Director, Brachytherapy

Fu, Lei

Harrison, Amy
Instructor, Clinical Supervisor
Director, Medical Physics Residency Program

Keller, James
Clinical Instructor

Li, Jun
Assistant Professor

Li, Taoran
Clinical Instructor

Liu, Haisong
Associate  Professor, Director of Radiosurgery Physics

Lockamy, Virginia
Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Residency Director

Peng, Cheng
Assistant Professor

Perera, Harold
Assistant Professor

Information Technology Staff

Nicholas DeGregorio

Lilya Babinsky
Senior Systems Analyst

Clayton Murray
Client Services Specialist

James Turner
Information Systems Manager


Ginsburg, Karen
Administrative Assistant


Abdullah, Saleem
Chen, Hongyu
Macrone, Andrea
Nettleton, Virginia
Vakhnenko, Yelena

Medical Physics Residents

Tawfik Giaddui, Ph.D., Msc.
Physics Resident II

Michael Hardin, M.S.
Physics Resident II

Emily Kremmel, M.S.
Physics Resident II

David To, M.S.
Physics Resident I

BioMedical Engineers

Frank Spitz

John Hopkins

Greg Matthews

Thermal Oncology Physics

Paul Stauffer
Professor, Director of Thermal Oncology

Dario Rodrigues
Post-doctoral Fellow/Research
Thermal Oncology Physics Resident