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Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD, FASTRO

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Novel actions of next-generation taxanes benefit advanced stages of prostate cancer
  2. American society of clinical oncology policy statement update: The critical role of phase I trials in cancer research and treatment
  3. Current Clinical Trials Testing Combinations of Immunotherapy and Radiation
  4. Adjuvant versus salvage radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients with adverse pathologic features: Comparative analysis of long-term outcomes
  5. A tissue biomarker -based model that identi fies patients with a high risk of distant metastasis and differential survival by length of androgen deprivation therapy in RTOG protocol 92-02
  6. Adjuvant radiation for node-positive disease after prostatectomy: More good news, but who will listen?
  7. Radiation protection of the gastrointestinal tract and growth inhibition of prostate cancer xenografts by a single compound
  8. The retinoblastoma tumor suppressor modulates DNA repair and radioresponsiveness
  9. AAPM and GEC-ESTRO guidelines for image-guided robotic brachytherapy: Report of Task Group 192
  10. The lag time in initiating clinical testing of new drugs in combination with radiation therapy, a significant barrier to progress?
  11. Genomic prostate cancer classifier predicts biochemical failure and metastases in patients after postoperative radiation therapy
  12. The KRAS-variant and miRNA expression in RTOG endometrial cancer clinical trials 9708 and 9905
  13. High dose rate brachytherapy boost for prostate cancer: A systematic review
  14. Expanding the use of monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer by using ionising radiation to upregulate antibody targets
  15. A novel radiation-induced p53 mutation is not implicated in radiation resistance via a dominant-negative effect
  16. A paradigm shift from anatomic to function 0737 al and molecular imaging in the detection of recurrent prostate cancer
  17. Vorinostat as a radiosensitizer for brain metastasis: A phase i clinical trial
  18. The quality frontier
  19. Minimizing morbidity in radiation oncology: A special issue from future oncology
  20. High-priority topics for cancer quality measure development: Results of the 2012 American Society of Clinical Oncology Collaborative Cancer Measure Summit