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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Closed loop control of a robot assisted smart flexible needle for percutaneous intervention
  2. Reply to C.G. Rusthoven et al
  3. Is robotic arm stereotactic body radiation therapy 'virtual high-dose rate brachytherapy' effective for prostate cancer? An analysis of comparative effectiveness using published data
  4. Evaluating the clinical impact of a genomic classifier in prostate cancer using individualized decision analysis
  5. Genomic classifier identifies men with adverse pathology after radical prostatectomy who benefit from adjuvant radiation therapy
  6. Radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer: Evaluation of complications and influence of radiation timing on outcomes in a large, population-based cohort
  7. Novel actions of next-generation taxanes benefit advanced stages of prostate cancer
  8. American society of clinical oncology policy statement update: The critical role of phase I trials in cancer research and treatment
  9. Assessing adverse events of postprostatectomy radiation therapy for prostate cancer: Evaluation of outcomes in the regione Emilia-Romagna, Italy
  10. Current Clinical Trials Testing Combinations of Immunotherapy and Radiation
  11. African-American race is a predictor of seminal vesicle invasion after radical prostatectomy
  12. African American men with low-grade prostate cancer have increased disease recurrence after prostatectomy compared with Caucasian men
  13. Quantifying unnecessary normal tissue complication risks due to suboptimal planning: A secondary study of RTOG 0126
  14. Adjuvant versus salvage radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients with adverse pathologic features: Comparative analysis of long-term outcomes
  15. Characterization of 1577 primary prostate cancers reveals novel biological and clinicopathologic insights into molecular subtypes
  16. A tissue biomarker -based model that identi fies patients with a high risk of distant metastasis and differential survival by length of androgen deprivation therapy in RTOG protocol 92-02
  17. Adjuvant radiation for node-positive disease after prostatectomy: More good news, but who will listen?
  18. Radiation protection of the gastrointestinal tract and growth inhibition of prostate cancer xenografts by a single compound
  19. The retinoblastoma tumor suppressor modulates DNA repair and radioresponsiveness
  20. AAPM and GEC-ESTRO guidelines for image-guided robotic brachytherapy: Report of Task Group 192