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Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. High dose rate brachytherapy boost for prostate cancer: A systematic review
  2. Expanding the use of monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer by using ionising radiation to upregulate antibody targets
  3. Hsp90 inhibition enhances PI-3 kinase inhibition and radiosensitivity in glioblastoma
  4. A paradigm shift from anatomic to functional and molecular imaging in the detection of recurrent prostate cancer
  5. Do theoretical potential and advanced technology justify the use of high-dose rate brachytherapy as monotherapy for prostate cancer?
  6. Polyacrylamide phantom for self-actuating needle-tissue interaction studies
  7. Current status and recommendations for the future of research, teaching, and testing in the biological sciences of radiation oncology: Report of the american society for radiation oncology cancer biology/radiation biology task force, executive summary
  8. Epidermal growth factor receptor mutation status and Rad51 determine the response of glioblastoma to multimodality therapy with cetuximab, temozolomide, and radiation
  9. Phase i trials involving radiation therapy, quantifying the risks
  10. Prostate-specific antigen bounce predicts for a favorable prognosis following brachytherapy: A meta-analysis
  11. Patterns of care for elderly men diagnosed with favorable-risk prostate cancer from 2004 to 2008 : A population-based analysis
  12. Systematic review of hypofractionated radiation therapy for prostate cancer
  13. Combining theoretical potential and advanced technology in high-dose rate brachytherapy boost therapy for prostate cancer
  14. The responsibilities of a chief resident in radiation oncology: Results of a national survey
  15. A hormone-DNA repair circuit governs the response to genotoxic insult
  16. Identification of a KRAS mutation in a patient with non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy and panitumumab
  17. Evolution of advanced technologies in prostate cancer radiotherapy
  18. Commissioning and implementation of an implantable dosimeter for radiation therapy.
  19. In reply to franken and barendsen
  20. β1 integrins mediate resistance to ionizing radiation in vivo by inhibiting c-Jun amino terminal kinase 1